Fernback Forest

Yesterday I took a trip to the Fernbank Forest for my Environmental Science class. Here are a some pictures!

The Fernbank Forest used be privately owned land. When the owners died, they left the land, and the mansion on it, to Dekalb County, which turned it into a natural museum. The forest contains many trees and plants which have grown, undisturbed for the last century and a half!

Below is the mansion built by the previous owners. It is currently being renovated.

Here is a close up of the artwork on the front of the house. (They’re birds.)

There were a lot of plants that are exotic. The problem with exotic plants, like the Japanese Honeysuckle, Kudzu, and English Ivy is there is nothing to prevent them from getting out of control. The same goes for animals introduced to a foreign ecosystem. It takes away from indigenous species.

Below is a small lake.

Another angle of the pond. If you look, you can see stairs carved out of the rock.

I wish I took more pictures, but the tour was lead by my professor, and I had to pay attention for class!


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