Crawling back to you, Blogger…

So, here I am, Blogger, begging you–please–can we be friends again? I know I thought paying for my blog was the way to go. I bought the pricier (but not priciest) package with Typepad, and you know what? They really treated me good, but times are tough. My schedule is packed. Why would I pay for a hobby that I rarely have time to partake in? BUT, I can’t give up blogging! Sometimes, oh sometimes, it makes me happy! I’m documenting my life here! Just in this blog I can look back to when my boys were just little tiny guys! Now they are both in school! Oh, so much has happened since I’ve been away. I’ve changed. You’ve changed. Here we are, though, and there is one thing I am certain of. I’ve missed you, Blogger, and I never want to fight again. Friends again? Good. I’ll see you later. Right now I have to email a few dozen people and let them know we’ve gotten back together….


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