Finally! Knitting Content!

Alright. It has been a l o o o o ng time since I have posted knitting content. Last time I posted, I was making a baby shrug…which I had to start over–twice. Finally, I gave up. The instructions were way too complicated for me. Broke my heart, too, because I fell in love with the idea of finishing such a pretty little garment. BUT, I moved on. I found a pattern in the archives of called Pomatomus. I didn’t have the correct size needles, so I increased the weight of my yarn and decreased the amount of stitches. This worked fine until I started working the instep, which is where the pattern gets a little complicated. Well, I decided to stop the pattern, and just finish the sock in Stockinette stitch. Then I miscalculated and started my decrease too soon. “Eh, no biggy,” I thought. “I’ll just be careful to make the other one the same and give it to someone with small feet.”

I made a fatal error, though. I was stupid. I was not using my brain. I should’ve known better. I…left my scissors out around my curious three-year-old. What resulted would have killed me if I were actually happy with the sock…

He cut three holes in the bottom. I kept my cool, though, and put him in time out. A ruined sock is my punishment. Shame on me for leaving those scissors out!

Well, I started another sock pattern. This one is called “Snuggly” and I found it in a sock book. It is a ankle sock, and I was very skeptical when I started it. It calls for DK weight yarn paired with size 8 needles. As I was knitting, the sock looked HUGE. Well, I’ve finished the first one, tried it on, and yes, it is a little loose, but it is soooo comfy! I’m having trouble putting the picture on here, so I’ll go to trusty “Hello.”


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