…And now I am listed on the “Bad Girls Who Knit” webring! If only you knew how bad I am…

First off, I’ve been knitting–I promise–although my progress seems minimal on my felted bag project. Maybe it’s just the picture. In real life it is quite large. Unfortunately, though, I measured it this morning to find I still have 4 1/2 inches to go until the next step, which is adding the ruffle at the top. Then comes the handles. I guess I really don’t have that far to go…

“Lost” was on last night, and it was gooood. I’m not usually the “band-wagon” type, but I hopped aboard at the very beginning. I usually knit when I am watching TV with only two exceptions: Lost, and Desperate Housewives. Desperate Housewives has left me just a teensy bit disappointed. It needs to get juicier, and fast! It’s still amazing, but it just lacks that special something it had last season. Lost, on the other hand, is still wonderfully suspenseful.

I’ve been in a bit of a cleaning mood lately, so I decided to mop the floor. (Not that I only do it once in a blue moon!) To make maneuvering easier, I put a chair on the table. I turned around and my oldest cat was standing on it, trying to reach the ceiling fan. As I ran to get my camera to catch the acrobatics, he decided it was too much trouble and flopped down on the chair. I still took a pretty good picture of him, though. He was extremely needy at the time and wanted me to pet him, hence the “come hither” look in his eyes.


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