Feeling Outdoors-y


Yard work--Fisheyes and Magpies 2015.01.07_654 2015.01.07_671 2015.01.07_682

It’s a beautiful day, so I’ve been playing outside. :)

I also did a little work. (Mostly) cleaned up the area next to our shed, where we are stacking unused pavers and bricks while we redo the back yard.  It was a mess, and I was almost sure I’d see a snake or two while I was working on it, but now. I did find this super cool snail. I also turned over a paver and found the largest red ants I’ve ever seen. (I would’ve preferred a snake.) I didn’t get a picture of that, mainly because I was shrieking and hitting them with a shovel.

This is what the area looked like before:


And, what it looks like now:


I still have work to do. Off to the right, you can see a lot of broken pots that need to be thrown out. The blue basket is full of really cool coral pieces I found around the deck. They’ll look nice in the new garden we put in.

I also found some ferns growing by the side of my house. I wonder if I can transplant them to a pot?

Oblique Sweater and a Not Finished Painting

Oblique in progress

Oblique in progress

Some of the YOs are twisted, which annoys me, but too far down for me to care enough to fix!
Kitty stitch marker is disappointed about my screw up.
Kitty stitch marker is disappointed about my screw up.

Right Slanting Diagonal Stitch

Tibett's Point


As promised, here are some progress photos on various projects. I’m knitting up a sweater–for ME! I’m using the Oblique pattern I found on Ravelry. I like it, despite my mistake of twisting my YOs in the wrong direction. (I did it on purpose. Why? Because I thought I was doing them wrong and thought I could make them better. Instead, I just screwed up a small section of the pattern.) I’m using a washable wool yarn, and the photo doesn’t do the color justice. It’s a pretty, faded robin’s egg blue.

I also started a painting of a lighthouse I photographed a few years ago in Upstate New York. I’m not happy with the painting, but I plan to continue working on it until I am. I also have another painting I plan on starting, soon.

I have other projects going, but some of them are secret because they are gifts for other people. :)

My family’s heading out to go hiking later today (it’s gorgeous out), so expect some very nice outdoorsy photos in the coming days. ;)

Welcome, 2015!


2015.01.05_0102015.01.05_0212015.01.05_0012015.01.05_0202015.01.05_0472015.01.05_0232015.01.05_0482015.01.05_0312015.01.05_0522015.01.05_0372015.01.05_0332015.01.05_027It’s a new year! Kids go back to school tomorrow! Welcome, 2015!

My New Years was spent at home with a sick husband and four kids. I drank some champagne. I watched the ball drop. I headed to bed. Nothing exciting, much like the whole of my winter break. Fortunately, when I am unable to venture beyond the county line, I have a very good friend who is a world-traveller (she’s a flight attendant) bringing me goodies from all over. Her family spent their winter break in Japan, which is one of the places I most want to visit. (I was insanely envious.) It’s all good, though, because she brought me back the coolest souvenirs. :) A tea set, some of the cutest crackers and candies I’ver ever seen, and a very nice bamboo bookmark. (Happy coincidence, I’m actually reading a book of short stories by a Japanese Author:  Revenge by Yoko Ogawa.) My friend is the best!

When not wistfully wishing I had a jet-setting life, I’m reading, and doing one of my various hobbies. I started a hexagon afghan. Tutorial can be found at Attic24. It’s hard to sit and work on it, though, because Marcy is now walking and into EVERYTHING.

A Summary of the Last Several Months

I can sum up the last several months (okay, it’s been closer to a year since I’ve posted) with one word:  Marceline.


She was born in December. Saying life has been crazy ever since is not accurate. It was crazy to begin with. She’s the fourth and last child–I do not plan on having anymore. There hasn’t been a baby in the house for many years, so we’ve been enjoying every minute of it! As terrible as it sounds (for the other three), I feel like I’m much more present with Marcy. I realize how quickly they grow up, and am trying to hold on to every moment I can.

So, other than the arrival of Marcy, it’s been a typical year. The kids are growing. I have two boys in middle school, now, and Maggie, who was toddling around not too long ago, is now in 1st grade.

Even though I haven’t been online, sharing my crafts, I’ve kept busy making things. I made a blanket for my sister-in-law a few months back, same style as Marcy’s, but in bolder colors:



I’ve also made a few hats, and a dress for Marcy, which turned out to be more of a sweater vest:



I also finished an art quilt I started a long time ago. Maybe you recognize it?


I’m also working on the mermaid quilt I started a few years (2009!!) ago. Photos to follow, soon!

Well, that’s what’s going on right now!